Invisalign braces in Uncasville

Invisalign Uncasville

Invisalign Uncasville

If you want your teeth repositioned, but you don’t want to wear metal braces, we at Affinity Dental Center have the answer for you. Invisalign braces do the same excellent job of straightening your smile, but without any of the negative aspects so closely associated with traditional metal braces.

Our Invisalign Uncasville is the result of cutting edge technology that utilizes 3D computer software to design a series of aligners that you will wear on your teeth. Digital images replace messy impression material, and they give more precise results. Your aligners are then created with state-of-the-art machinery right here at our office. There is no waiting around for an outside dental lab to do it. You can depend on a comfortable and proper fit wit hour Invisalign Uncasville. Because your aligners are fashioned from clear plastic, there are two obvious benefits that they provide. First, they are invisible. Only you know you’re wearing them, unless you want to tell others about them. And your degree of comfort is at the highest possible. Metal can lead to friction and irritation and soreness, but not plastic. If all that isn’t enough to recommend Invisalign, the aligners are also removable. You take them out to eat, brush, and floss; and also after each two week period, replacing it with the next set in the series. Each set is designed to perform a very specific role in the overall process. Removability means less frequent visits to our office because there are no adjustments needed. Also, you can eat all your favorite foods, even the ones that are crunchy, chewy, and sticky. Your oral hygiene will be efficient, also, because there is nothing in the way when you perform it.

If you were avoiding orthodontic care, it’s time to take action. Our Invisalign Uncasville may be just what you need. Call us to arrange an appointment.

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